Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Roundup

Hi everyone,
Welcome to the last week of summer. For us, school starts Wednesday, for many, it starts next week. I know in the Midwest (and maybe other places) it's already in full swing, but the cooler temperatures we've been having definitely make it feel like the end of summer. Perfect weather to relax with a good book. What have you been reading lately? I have to confess, I have not read too many environmental books this summer. I read a lot for my book groups, and I was on vacation a lot (the busy, crazy kind of vacation that didn't leave time for more than magazines) and since I've been back the only two books I've read are one Green Bean just reviewed, A Nation of Farmers, which you can find here which I absolutely loved and it made me feel like expanding my garden and starting to bake bread again! The other one was a book about organizing and decluttering that I can't find anywhere on the blog, even though I know I saw it there and I left a comment that I requested it! And now I can't even remember the exact name of it - I tell you - it's hard getting older!!! But in any case, I really enjoyed it and my takeaway tip was to use square containers instead of round for maximizing storage, so I recycled all my Trader Joe coffee containers that I had saved for grains and legumes because they were pretty and free, and used canning jars instead, which are basically square with rounded edges. Presto - I could fit twice as much on one shelf! So if this tidbit rings a bell with you and you know what book I'm talking about - please leave a comment and I'll look up the review and link to it!

I don't think I'm going to be posting a review later in the week - it's a bit crazy here with two kids starting school and although I have books on request at the library - none look like they're going to be in on time to read them and do a review. So if there is anyone out there who wants to do a guest review - please leave me a comment. If not, enjoy this week, peruse the book list, and request a few for yourself from the library.

Happy Reading!


hmd said...

I have two reviews ready for next week. I'd be happy to post one this week to fill the spot if you don't get any other offers.

SusanB said...

I read Ecological Intelligence:How Knowing the Hidden Impacts of What We Buy Can Change Everything by Daniel Goleman, which happened to be on my town library's sparsely populated new book shelf. I don't blog but if you have a way for me to send you a review to post, I'll do a review.

JAM said...

Wow - two comments and two offers! Heather - why don't you save yours for next week, and Susan, thanks so much - if you email me your review at jocemilton at gmail dot com I will be happy to post it for you. Thanks again to both of you.