Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another plug for The Way We Eat, Why Our Food Choices Matter

Heather recently reviewed this book here, and based on her recommendation, I requested it from the library. In the meantime, I read Eating Animals, and reviewed it here. Both books are on the same topic, and I gave Eating Animals 4 out of 5 stars, mostly because I felt it wasn't well organized and was very hard to refer back to. I've since read The Way We Eat, Why Our Food Choices Matter, and wanted to say I second Heather's assessment of 5 out of 5 stars. If you read just one book on food, I say this is the one to read. As Heather says, it does go deeper than Pollan, and is just a fantastic book. Disturbing, but fantastic. I got really inspired to clean up my eating after reading this. I won't say much more, since Heather's review is great - go read it, then request this book from the library. The only thing I'll close with is noting that at the very end of this book, the authors say something I've never read before in an ethical eating book. They say that if we make our choices about eating ethically (according to our own standards so different people can make different choices) then we shouldn't feel that it has to be a 100%, all or nothing deal. If we want it to be, great, but many a vegan or vegetarian has been derailed by one moment of weakness. They're saying - if you have an occasional moment, recognize it for what it is (or even create a structure to allow for planned moments) and then go back to your choices. Better to be a 99% vegan or vegetarian, or be committed to sustainably produced and harvested animal products, and recognize that once in a while you eat outside that framework, than to do it 100% for a while and then totally fall off the wagon. I felt that was important since I personally do slip up, and then I feel like a failure and the next thing you know I've bought bacon at Costco for my daughter! I need to remember that what I do most of the time is what matters.


hmd said...

Glad you loved it as much as I did!

Alline said...

So true! I think it is really valuable for us all to realize that we probably will not be perfect, and to cut ourselves a bit of slack. Dogma helps no one, but a thoughtful and forgiving attitude does. I look forward to reading this book!

Donna said...

Great review and I appreciate the pep talk about not falling off the wagon if you mess up. Life's been so crazy around here that I actually bought grocery-store bacon -- yipes! But you know what? I won't be tempted on that one again because when I cooked it up, it was awful compared to the kind I normally serve.

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