Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday Roundup

It's the first week of September. The first week of fall, in my mind, even though that season doesn't officially start until we're nearly done with the month. But the kids are back in school. The nights creep in a bit quicker. And I'm busy reading.

Right now, I'm finishing Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson. If ever there was a book that was non-fiction, a page turner AND an inspiration to change the world, this one is it. It is not especially green but it is especially motivating. When you journey with this man through the lonely wilds of Pakistan and see "what one person can do", you'll never again ask yourself if you, as individual, can make any meaningful changes in this world. Also, stay tuned this week for my reviews of The Big Green Purse by Diane MacEachern and See You in a Hundred Years by Logan Ward.

Enough about me! What about you? What are you reading? What are you reviewing?


Donna said...

green bean: I'm so glad you're enjoying the Mortensen book! I couldn't put it down, either, and my husband "read" it as an audio book, and he found every possible excuse to go on walks, etc., so he could listen to the book.

I was looking forward to my next book when I remembered that I have a book to read for work that has to be read by a meeting this Wed. Oops. So I started it last night. Fortunately, it's much better than the last book my boss had us all read. :)

Going Crunchy said...

Hello Ya'll,
Sorry to not post any more on my week. We went on vacation early and didn't have a connection for several days!! I was the frantic lady at the campground walking around with her laptop waving in the air.

I've got several reviews to post, and I'll save them for the next go around.

No green reads this week for me, I'm wallowing in fiction as I vacation in "greenness." Shannon

Farmer's Daughter said...
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Farmer's Daughter said...

I guess I did a kinda sorta half-review of Pollan's Second Nature. We planted trees over the weekend, and it reminded me of a chapter in the book, and so I quoted it and mentioned it in the post.

Here's a link to the post for anybody who's interested:

I liked it by the way... :)

Green Bean said...

Donna: So glad you rec'd Three Cups of Tea. Truly awesome!

Going Crunchy: Please! It's all about fun. Enjoy the vaca.

Abbie: Awesome. I'll check out your sort of review. I tend to write a lot of those. :)

Unknown said...

Sorry I'm late on this! I reviewed Living Like Ed on my blog this month. I kept it short since it's a light read and I know it's been reviewed before.

Anonymous said...

I am reading a book called, The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl by Timothy Egan. Although it was not the author's intention, it makes a compelling/disturbing case for how humans can have a negative impact on the environment. I did not know much of anything about the era of the dust bowl before I read the book. It is truly fascinating!

Green Bean said...

Kellie: Thanks for the review. Looks like something I might want to pick up - very practical. I've added it to the sidebar.

April: Joyce over at tallgrassworship just did a review of that book too. Sounds very interesting. I'm really into "green plus" (e.g., plus history, plus story) these days. Thanks for the rec.