Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Round Up

I know Valentine's Day is a week away but I thought I'd share the locally grown parrot tulips I bought today. I splurge on a bunch of them each spring and every year they seem to be more beautiful than the last. My other present was reading half of Little Heathens thanks to Donna's review of it here. Time to curl up with a book has been scarce and I forget how much I love it. Reading renews me in a way nothing else does.

How's reading going at your house? Is it still seed catalog season? Do you have a new review to share? Let us know.

In any event I hope you give yourself the gift of reading in the next week and enjoy.


Donna said...

The picture is gorgeous! I splurge on a bunch of daffodils every February when winter gets a little too dreary.

Just started re-reading "The Tightwad Gazette" and I might review it here soon. It became a lot more relevant this evening when my husband came home from work and reported that there's a chance his job could become a casualty of the recession. Waiting to see what's going to happen...

Green Bean said...

Almost done with Big Box Swindle. Almost. LOVE the photo.

Anonymous said...

Great photo. I never got my tulip bulbs in the ground, so it's a good reminder to get them out of the fridge and into a pot to force. Not much reading going on here except for sprawling science fiction space opera. I can't seem to get to the library on Sat. before 2 p when it closes.

Kale for Sale said...

donna - I've not heard of the Tightwad Gazette. My cute guy has been working sporadically lately with construction not exactly booming. This may be a good read for us too. I hope you review it.

green bean - Thank you. You've got me very intrigued with your Big Box book. Please, please, review it soon.

susanB - Science fiction space opera - Wow! I didn't know such a genre even existed. Enjoy.