Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Roundup

It's nearly officially summer and time for summer vacation. Or not. We're usually winter vacation people but are heading out this week for North Carolina and Nashville to visit family. And I have a couple of farm books already sitting next to the door.

Just released this week, Farm City, The Education of An Urban Farmer by Novella Carpeter is my first read. She's local, in Oakland, a former student of Michael Pollan's, and from the reviews and first sentence of the book, "I have a farm on a dead-end street in the ghetto," she's already a hero. I can't wait to get on the plane, plant myself in a window seat and eat this book up.

The second book is from a friend, Apples and Oranges by Marie Brenner. It's a memoir more about sibling rivalry than farming but the brother, the apple or the orange, I'm not sure which, is a farmer in Washington. What is it about farmers' these days? I can't get enough of them.

I hope to get to an independent book store while traveling too and bring home at least one new title.

How about you? Are you heading out for a family camp out, reunion, or time away from the family? Where to? And our favorite question, what are you reading?

Wherever you find yourself, be safe and be well.

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Kale for Sale said...

Jam - Okay. I'm going to look forward to your review of an Urban Farmer so I can see what I missed. And thanks for the tip on Slow Food Nation. I've quickly flipped through the pages but it didn't hook me. I'll give it another try though on your word. Happy reading.