Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Roundup

Ahem. Seems I'm lollygagging on the job. I've only now realized it's my turn to post the Monday call for new books, old books, reviews. I seriously looked at the blog and thought, someone must be on vacation and forgot to post.

But it's still barely Monday and I've got a couple of books around the house I pick up periodically. The first is Coop: A Year of Poultry, Parenting and something else I can't quite remember. It may be a great book but I'm not that into it. If I pick it up fine, but if not that's okay too.

The other book is's Wanderlust. I bought it at the library for $2. Reading the introduction by Pico Iyer on travel was worth many times more than what I paid. Then I found a contribution to it by Taras Grescoe, the author of Bottomfeeder. What a great find! The travel stories are exactly the length of my attention span this time of year too - short.

What kind of summer vacation reading are you doing? Any new green stories or books we haven't about out there? Any opinions on the books we have heard about?

Whatever your reading status I hope you're finding plenty of time for summer lollygagging. It's way fun.


Donna said...

I logged in today and thought, "Whew! It wasn't my week!" I think we're all in summer mode. :)

Green Bean said...

Plenty of lollygagging - mostly historical ficton reads and a few green ones. Reading A Nation of Farmers by Sharon Astyk and will review it soon.