Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Roundup

Happy Monday, fellow bookworms! I hope everyone's life is less crazy than mine at the moment, although we did sell our house last Friday and so I can check that item off of my to-do list. I haven't had time for much reading, lately, but I did start The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It's not particularly green, at least the part I read, but it's well done. The book is a first novel for author Mary Ann Shaffer, which impresses me since my first novel has sold maybe 30 copies. :)

Anyway, The Guernsey etc. is a story entirely told through letters from one character to another. If it wasn't so well written, a reader could become hopelessly lost,. I'm keeping oodles of details straight in my brain right now and I didn't have enough space left to keep track of the characters, but that is not an indictment on the book. It actually makes a lot of sense and I'll read the rest of it some time when I'm more relaxed. Can't give it a rating since I've not finished the book, but it seems to be very good. Anyone else read it and want to comment?

Knowing I'm swamped right now, Green Bean generously offered to post a review later this week. Look for it soon and drop us a line if you've anything to share!


SusanB said...

I read David Kessler's The End of Overeating and reccomend it to all who are interested in eating -- the first half is about how the food industry programs us to eat, the second half is about how to break your food habit of choice. Also very good is the interview of David Kessler on Democracy now (about a month ago I think). I plan to review Kessler's book.

Donna said...

SusanB: The only book of Kessler's that I've read was about peak oil and it seemed awfully alarmist. This one sounds better. I'll look forward to your review. Want to post it on the Bookworm?