Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday Roundup

It seems as if I need to follow suit with another "Wednesday Roundup" for comments and suggestions as another Wormer did last week. I'm a bit behind with birthdays, fall and the upcoming sugar attack Saturday known as Halloween. We are also out enjoying the last bit of warm weather where we can roam, explore, and do things like (as pictured above) lay on our backs in the grass and imagine what may be in the clouds. Is it a bird? A laughing donkey?

Do you have any good titles or reviews to suggest for this week? Any hot reads to give us guidance and nurture our own curiosity? What is in your cloud of suggestions. Leave some comment love if you have suggestions or thoughts.

Tomorrow and Friday I will be doing a little smatter of reviews for books I've been skimming to see if I can make something out of my clouds of titles swirling in my head.


Kale for Sale said...

Great picture. I've yet to open a book since the Righteous Porkchop although I still have the new Kidder book waiting. Patiently. I saw the RP author, Nicolette Hahn Niman, this evening on a panel about sustainable meat. She's as good a speaker as she is a writer. Somehow hearing her speak made what she wrote a little more true. There was so much I didn't want to believe about the plight of factory farmed animals that I let myself suspend it. It's funny how brains work, denial kicks in. I'm just wanting to plug the book again. It's a good one.

Going Crunchy said...

Ooh, great comment! I'm going to learn more.