Sunday, September 7, 2008

Monday Roundup

I'm still reading the same book I was reading the last time I did a Monday Roundup, An Unreasonable Woman, by Diane Wilson. A couple more commutes and I'll be done.

But I have picked up a couple new books.

The first is The Unsettling of America, Culture & Agriculture, by Wendell Berry. I've always been curious about Mr. Berry's writing but didn't know where to start until I heard this book recommended several times.

The second book my guy found at a garage sale we happened upon this morning. The book, Coming Home to Eat, The Pleasures and Politics of Local Foods, by Gary Paul Nabhan, only cost a dollar! I love it without even turning a page.

Are there any other new books out there? Any new reviews? Any book news on your night stand, blog? Any book news on your mind? Let me know for links on the sidebar and let us all know for green information and inspiration.

In any event, be well and happy reading.


Green Bean said...

I'm finishing up Lost Mountain. What a mind blower. I picked up Unreasonable Woman last week on your rec but I also need to re-read Last Child in the Woods for my book club meeting later this month.

Donna said...

After finishing my book for work, I haven't figured out what my next read will be! I loved the Nabham book. I hope you enjoy it!

Farmer's Daughter said...

I just got my book for the class I'm taking this semester on Legal and Political Issues in Environmental Education. The book is called "Environmental Law and Policy" by James Salzman and Barton H. Thompson, Jr.

It's a small book and we're supposed to read it throughout the semester, but I have a feeling that I'll just tear through it. I really feel like I'm lacking in this area, so I'm excited to learn more! I think I'll head outside to start reading in a little while.

Kale for Sale said...

green bean - I feel review number 6 or sixteen forming for Lost Mountain. Really, we could just rename the blog.

donna - I have no doubt the next book will find you. Or half a dozen.

abbie - Go for it! And then tell us about it. We all need to learn too. Well, at least I do.

jam - The local/organic choice is ongoing. I make the choice different all the time. Sometimes the local is pesticide free, or the grower has dimples, I know that shouldn't count but I guess what I'm saying is I find the question isn't always black and white. I wonder what Nabhan will have to say about it. Maybe you'll write a review? And thanks for the peaches information. I didn't know that.

~Mad said...

Try "Hannah Coulter" by Wendell Berry sometime. It's a novel not essays but gives one such a feel for life in the country long ago.

~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

Kale for Sale said...

mad - Thanks for the recommendation. I suspect Mr. Berry would write beautifully on country. He does seem to embody it.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading "Small is Possible: Life in a Local Economy" by Lyle Estill. I needed a lighter, easier read, and this fits the bill. It should go into the community-building category of books, like Deep Economy and a few others. Not earth-shattering, but a nice book where I'm gathering extra little inspirations.

I'm looking forward to your thoughts about the Wendell Berry book. I absolutely love his essays, but haven't read a book of his yet.

Kale for Sale said...

melinda - Every little inspiration is appreciated. Thanks for sharing this one. (I've added the book to the Green Marketplace list as we don't have a Community Building list although we may need to add one.)

It may be a while before I get to WB but I'm happy simply seeing the book on the table. I certainly will write about it once I read it though.