Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Roundup

Here it is Monday already. How does that happen?!! And we're half way through September, too! I’ve just begun reading "Living Like Ed," which I picked up from the library after reading a review from a fellow bookworm. So far it’s a nice read. I’ve not learned much that is new to me, though maybe that’s because my science teacher dad taught me all about insulation R values way back when I was in high school! Nevertheless, it’s a pretty good book. I’m hoping to finish it and post a review by the end of the week.

What about you? What are you reading? Any new bookworms out there? Any new reviews? Drop me a comment and I’ll add you in!


Unknown said...

I've not read Living with Ed, but I loved the reality show by the same name. I'm not sure if it's been picked up for a 2nd season or not.

Kale for Sale said...

I was going to start Three Cups of Tea but picked up Wendell Berry, The Unsettling of America only because it was in front of me and now I'm hooked. The book was written in the 70's and is still entirely relevant, in fact even more so.

Anonymous said...

I am reading The Truth About Organic Gardening: Benefits, Drawbacks, and Bottomline by Jeff Gilman. This is a great book for beginning to intermediate gardeners, of all types container to large garden, and even more experienced gardeners might learn something -- it's also worth looking at if all you're doing is wondering whether to buy local OR organic. The author takes some positions that you might not agree with -- for instance, he makes a case for using RoundUp type chemicals in certain limited situations, but what is great is that he encourages you to disagree. His goal is to make you think about the choices that you make in your garden (and implicitly with your food) and decide what is best for you. IF you use organic pesticides (neem oil, etc.) in your garden, this really is a book to read. Very readable. I'm reading a library copy -- and think it is a great addition to a public library collection. I'm sort of an advance novice gardener and am learning a lot.

Green Bean said...

I'm finishing up Lost Mountain and just picked up Fatal Harvest after hearing the editor, Andrew Kimbrell, speak at Slow Food Nation. He was amazing. Hope the book is too.

Donna said...

bobbi: I'd be interested to hear what you think if you read it sometime. I've never watched the show, myself. Didn't even know there was a show until I read the book!

kale: You'll have to tell us all about it when you're done!

susanb: That sounds like a book I want to add to my list. Some of the questions (local? organic?) seem so complicated sometimes. More information would help my buying decisions. I'm afraid my poor garden is beyond help.

gb: Sounds like you've joined the "Lost Mountain" club! What's Fatal Harvest about? Sounds... gloomy?

Going Crunchy said...

No new Green reads at this moment. I dived into fiction while on vacation to give my mind a break! Shannon