Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Roundup

I must admit that with a December birthday and Christmas breathing down my neck, I'm not reading much of anything - except cook books. I did, however, finish up The Green Collar Economy by Van Jones and will post my thoughts on it later this week.

But how about you? How are you spending the busy days of December? Are you sneaking any reading in?


Going Crunchy said...

Fiction.......I need pure unadulterated mind candy. I love snuggling in the covers and just reading my eyes out in the winter. Shannon

Joyce said...

I'm with Shannon. I feel a Jane Austen binge coming on.

Anonymous said...

We were up at our cabin this weekend and between cross-country skiing and sledding I got caught up on stacks of magazines I've hoarded all summer from my subscriptions, the library discard pile and my favorite thrift store (.10 each!)

But the reading or in this case listening highlight of the weekend was a hilarious book on tape, The Mammy, a short novel by Brendan O'Carroll. I checked out the other 2 books in the trilogy: The Chisellers and The Granny.

My husband and I both did a lot of laughing out loud throughout this story about the widow Agnes Browne and her 7 children in 1960s Dublin. I'm buying me own mammy a copy for Christmas. Check it out it's feckin' brilliant! :o)


Green Bean said...

Sounds like we're all focusing on some light hearted reading, or listening, this time of year!

I'll definitely check out Mammy. :)