Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Round Up

Now that Chile and Green Bean spent the last week cleaning up around here it's time to sit back, put up our feet, grab a warm blanket and start reading.

What books have you got going these days? Are there any new titles out there? It's that time of the year when the new books start hitting the shelves and I've got my antennae up for some great reads.

Or did you finish a green read over the long holiday and post a new review? Let me know and I'll link your review to our ever growing resource of them.

We're always looking to add to this community of readers and reviewers. Please let me know if you aren't on the sidebar but would like to include your blog in the conversations and contribute reviews, thoughts on books and opinions on what we're reading. I'll be happy to make our bloggers list longer.

Non-bloggers are also welcome and we encourage those reviews too. Leave a comment and I'll provide an email if that's the case.

Now, which book was I going to read?


Chile said...

I'm adding this to yesterday's post but wanted to mention it here, too. Updates to the "Big List" will happen approximately once a week. :)

Green Bean said...

I heart Chile.

Theresa said...

Nice work Chile - the list is very easy to access and use :)

Do I qualify as being added to the side bar? I've got two reviews on 'the list'...

Chile said...

Theresa - done. :)

Anonymous said...

Since I am starting a new business that incubates new sustainable businesses (ie, helps them survive & thrive so they can make effective change)... I have been reading books about sustainable business lately. Here are two to add to the Marketplace section:

Growing Local Value by Laurey Hammel & Gun Denhart (Has great examples of how businesses can build partnerships within the community for mutual benefit.)


True To Yourself: Leading a Values-Based Business by Mark Albion (Full of inspiring real world business examples, plus philosophies about how to stay true to what you believe in and create a financially sustainable business at the same time.)

Kale for Sale said...

Chile - You built the new list and your maintaining it?! I heart you too Chile.

Green Bean - The book blog has turned into a love fest! And I love it.

Theresa - I'm so glad you're on the sidebar. Thanks for saying something. We were slackers for not getting you up there before now.

Melinda - Thanks for the new titles. The book True to Your Own Values reminded me of an old book called Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow by Marsha Sinetar. If you're at the library you might take a look at it. I remember being moved by it.

And much success to you and your new business!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Katrina! I'll look for that book - sounds good.