Friday, January 9, 2009

There's a New Vegetable in the Worm Bin

It's hot and spicy and Chile from Chile Chews all over. Chile has been kind enough to volunteer her famous de-cluttering skills for The Blogging Bookworm's unwieldy sidebar lists.
You'll be seeing some changes around here. A cleaner blog, easier to find books by topic and more readable links to reviews. Please give Chile a big bite, I mean hug, and thank her for her help.


Chile said...

Oh no, I'm in the worm bin? Won't they munch me up and turn me into compost?! ;-)

It may take a while for changes to show up, folks, so do have patience. Hopefully the end result will make it easier for you to find the next good book you want to read.

Joyce said...

The worm-bin. That's hilarious. I think you guys have a new nickname.

Green Bean said...

Chile: Better work quickly then, my dear, before you bite the dust!

Joyce: I like it. ;-)