Thursday, May 28, 2009


I'm a terrible eco-blogger this week in forgetting to post my roundup! I'll break tradition and offer a Thursday roundup and hope that all can forgive. We've had and graduation and Memorial Day brain lapse, and I think somehow all holidays always seem to fall on the last week of the month, my week. No grousing there, but I do want to offer up a paltry excuse for forgetting.

So what is on your shelf? Any new reads? Any titles to share? It isn't too late to share! I'll be posting my review up shortly.


Green Bean said...

I've got a few on my book shelf: Bothered by My Green Conscience and many many sustainable food cook books. Love those!

Going Crunchy said...

Sounds good! Our Farmers Market has opened up again, so I'm going to crack out the cookbooks!

Sam said...

I reviewed Food Politics on my blog.

I'm reading Big Box Swindle now and am realizing that I will never buy anything at any big box store ever again. I used to buy at stores like home depot once in a while. Not any more.